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We've created the ultimate party game app! Download our Most Likely To® app for free on iOS and Android and enjoy over 1,000 fun questions.

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Screenshot Most Likely To app
Screenshot Most Likely To app
Screenshot Most Likely To app

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Most Likely To

For iPhone & Android

Get ready to judge your friends in the ultimate party game - “Most Likely To”! Whether you’re at a house party, a game night, or just hanging out with friends, our Most Likely To online game is guaranteed to bring the laughs and spice up your evening.

With over 2,000 fun and daring questions, you’ll be able to see just how well you really know your friends and how well they know you. So gather your friends and let the fun begin with Most Likely To. But be warned, things might get a little wild and crazy!

Play Most Likely To online

Playing Most Likely To online brings a whole new level of excitement and convenience! No need to worry about coming up with good questions; our online version takes care of everything for you.

The Most Likely To® app includes over 2,000 fun and spicy questions that will keep the party going all night long. From wild and crazy questions to fun and quirky ones, there’s something for everyone in this game.

Download our free app now or play on our website and get ready to judge and be judged!

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How to play Most Likely To

Playing Most Likely To is easy. All you need is at least two players and a good sense of humor. Here’s how it works:

1. Decide who goes first

If there’s no volunteer, you can use a classic game of rock-paper-scissors or drawing straws to determine the first player. Another common method is the youngest player goes first.

2. Ask a question

The first person starts by asking a Most Likely To question. For example, “Who is most likely to cry at a sad movie?” or “Who is most likely to stay up all night partying?”

If you’re playing with our app: You don’t have to worry about coming up with questions. Simply choose a category and let the app generate a question for you.

3. Everyone votes

After the question is asked, everyone must vote on who they think is most likely to do what the question asks. You are also allowed to choose yourself. On three, everybody points simultaneously to the person of their choice.

4. Continue playing

Keep the game going by having the next person ask a question and repeating steps 3-4. The fun never ends with this game!

Pro tip: Turn Most Likely To into a fun drinking game! The person who gets the most votes has to take a sip/shot. 🍹

Most Likely To game rules

To keep the game fun and fair for everyone, you should establish some ground rules beforehand. Follow these rules to ensure a great time for all players:

1. Be honest: Encourage everyone to answer truthfully, as that’s what makes the game fun!

2. No hard feelings: Remember that this is just a game and meant to be fun. Don’t take any of the answers or questions too seriously.

3. Laugh with your friends, not at them: The game is not about making fun of someone but rather having a good time together.

4. Respect everyone’s boundaries: If someone is uncomfortable with a question, don’t force them to answer it. The point of the game is to have fun, not make people feel uncomfortable.